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Most of what we know about using tools and surviving day to day is taught to us, handed down learning - which also can and does occur in other species. But I found a story told by President Carter and his wife amazing regarding a trip to Africa where the people were plagued by eye disease caused by flies. These people were then taught to simply wash their faces regularly and this was enough to drastically reduce the disease. These people just accepted the flies without coming up with the simple solution of washing. They had to be taught washing. We humans do not have a great number of hard-wired skills for survival, we depend more on being wired post birth. That is the biggest difference I see between us and the other animals.

For myself, I much prefer to live with my 3 cats and 4 dogs than with other humans. I receive much more emotional nurishment from them than from most humans I know. After a day working with humans, coming home to my cats and dogs is such a relief.

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