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I think most Atheist have had to spend some time in a hospital dealing with the good intentions (ignorance?) of the people that work there. Plus, many friends and families giving the standard gift of prayer for your quick recovery etc...I am an Atheist and I still like them telling me that. I guess, like most, I like them thinking of me even if it means they are asking Santa and its the only way the know.

My friends know I am an Atheist, but it comes up in varying ways. When a mutual friend falls ill and they tell him/her that we are "praying for them" I always say that "I am wishing you well" and everyone know the difference.

Dawkins talks about consciousness raising and I think that one of the frontlines should be the hospital. By being resolute on our beliefs in that environment we may do just that.

Thanks Anonymous, sounds like you had what alot of people hope for in this life. And that puts you ahead of the game...

Sat, 27 Jan 2007 18:09:00 UTC | #17490