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They actually did a test on this 'shit' apparently not the slightest difference in recovery between someone who's prayed for and someone who's not.

Interesting the 's word' seems to make it past the botcensor.

They've tested this more than once, and it may actually be worse than this. I think this is in TGD - in one test when people knew they were being prayed for, they actually did worse - perhaps becasue knowing they were being prayed for alarmed them.

In another test, studying the outcomes of a form of brain cancer, by an astonishing coincidence, one of the religious researchers developed precisely that brain cancer while the research was being done, and despite being fervently prayed for by her co-religionists, died of it.

It is tragi-comic the naivety of these people, that they dont realize that if it were demonstrably true that prayer helped, that it would have been demontrated decades or even centuries ago. If there are gods, they shun the spotlight.

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