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MPhil, I would say that you appear to have very little experience on a day-to-day basis with animals, based on the erroneous statements you're making.

Clearly animals analyze their situations, make predictions about the future consciously and integrate memory. They have a society, morality and culture (the main point of the article).

While not as developed in some aspects as most humans, I would say that the empathy of any household dog is substantially higher than the empathy of president bush for the dying soldiers and civilians, for those poor people who actually suffer because of his policies, etc. bush, his mother, cheney, and many others come to mind immediately -- not as a political statement, but a statement of factual observation.

By writing "deception in animals is cunning" you've just chosen to use a dismissive word to describe their capabilities so you can ignore how similar they actually are to human capabilities.

We've seen examples of primates who don't know how to swim jump into the water to save another creature from a different species -- and drown in the effort. That altruism exceeds those humans who stand by watching someone drown and do nothing , even if they know how to swim!

No, I would have to say that you are choosing to ignore the obvious, either out of ignorance (and I would suggest you get a rescue dog, which would be instructive), or poor science, or a puffed up sense of humanity's importance.

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