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Hello Carol,

If you see this I am very sorry to hear of your terrible tragedy and I wish you the very best in overcoming your grief. Sometimes the insensitivity of religious people is astonishing. I expect you were to distressed to consider suing that respiratory therapist, but that in my opinion is appalling malpractice, and that person should be pevented from hurting anyone in such a fashion again. Astonishingly, Richard reports a case in "God Delusion" of a woman suing a doctor because he did *not* pray for her husband! I cringed reading some of the phrases, not just in recognition of your pain, but in remembrance of how often I have heard them before - including said to me when I have been in distress.

A depession sufferer, I have found psychiatrists to have hurt more than helped many times myself - to the point where I am now very wary of them. I am saddened however that you should choose to dimiss antidepressants as "little Happy pills". I am sorry they did not work for you, as they sometimes do not for many reasons - but that term is a dismissive one that in my humble opinion is not appropriate as it represents a parody of their actual nature and value.

One of my own tragedies is the loss of a severely depressed brother to suicide three years ago almost to the day. Drug treatment was unable to save his life - though it gave him a fighting chance - and I wonder if the reason might have been that, discharged from hospital, he stopped taking them.

There are of course controveries over antidepressants, but the evidence for their effectivness is quite overwhelming. They may have saved the lives of thousands and improved the quality of life of millions. They (apparently) failed to save one brother's life, but they might have saved the other one's - and mine. Certainly they have made my life much more bearable and rewarding.

I am very glad that you have found some comfort in helping others - it would be sad if you misguidedly influenced someone negatively by perpetuating a stereotype of a scientifically demonstrated effective treatment.

My very best wishes to you


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