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I've been an atheist for over 40 years and am open about my non-belief although I often just let pass the religious prattle.

Both my elderly parents died in 2005 and they wanted to die.I was saddened and grieved but I knew this was coming for years so I had already done a lot of the grieving and letting-go.

I've never been married though engaged once so I cannot comprehend the grief you feel.

I am disabled with post-traumatic stress disorder from my military service including time with the Marines at DongHa. I've been on antidepressants for about 13 years. Finding the right antidepressant among the many available is really educated guessing and trial and error. The combination I'm on now keeps me at a decent level -- to a level where I can get a little enjoyment from life.

I went thru a flashback and heavy depression about 5 years ago. I was becoming sucidal. My psychiatric nurse practitioner prescribed more and different antidepressants plus anti-anxiety and mood stabilizers. The drugs worked.

I have now cut back somewhat and have tried doing less but then my depression deepens. I also see a cognitive behavioral therapist about once a month now (maintenance level).

I don't know your particular situation. However if you still have significant depression I suggest you try some different antidepressants. Also I know (including my own experience) that some antidepressants stop working for some people after time.

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