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Re funerals -I have for a long time felt insulted by those Christian funerals where the deceased was practically ignored and a "service" full of religious platitudes and hymns was substituted for true celebration of a life. I think that is changing, at least in New Zealand.
My last funeral (for my nephew) had no religious content. It comprised of music my nephew loved (Pink Floyd which was very appropriate in his case) and contributions, stories, from family and friends remembering him. It was a great celebration of his life and is certainly the way I would want to be sent off.
I think there are more and more funerals like this. And even some Christian funerals are including time for family and friends to make contributions to remember the deceased. Wouldn't be at all surprised if this celebration of a life becomes more and more important and the religious component less and less.
Celebration of the person's life has far more meaning than the impersonal (arrogant?) religious components. This is even worse when we know that the person's beliefs were not religious - surely that's insulting to the deceased.
I guess it is important that we let family know what we want for our own funerals.

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