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Mango says:

Religious schools, however, are a little different and the gov't forcing all children to attend secular schools will surely do much to integrate theist children (esp. Muslims) and perhaps soften their militancy.

I'm not sure that's true. When I was at a mixed state school, the kids of muslim parents were often isolated and bullied and verbally abused. No doubt they only felt they "belonged" to anything at all when they attended Islamic classes in the evenings. Maybe their radicalism actually originated in state school playgrounds.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like the idea of faith schools either, but if Catholic schools are anything to go by, they might actually work in our favour. A lot of people who went to Catholic schools remember more about the cruelty of nuns (etc.) than anything else, and they notice the complete mismatch between "the world as presented by the church" and the world they actually live in. Many of these people grow up to despise Catholicism. So, perhaps muslim schools in a secular society might actually be helpful.

I also think the best way to stop kids taking drugs is to make it compulsory. :o)

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