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Comment #19917 by denoir on January 30, 2007 at 4:27 pm
"Is it the one that is based on a distributed system of thousands of experiments or one based on a book written around the first century AD?"

Actually, if you say this evangelicals will likely respond that the Bible was written over the course of two thousand years which is actually correct. However, if they're from the Wheaton sort of camp, they will also probably attempt to tell you that it has all sorts of confirmed prophecies and extra-biblical corroboration, and also that apparent contradictions resolve themselves on further examination. These claims fail in the critical places, but it takes some degree of familiarity with the texts to counter them.

What astonishes me is that I learned about all these claims and their supposed justification over the course of a private evangelical christian education from 7th through 12th grade (in the states). As a high-schooler I was able to connect the dots to the conclusion that the Bible is simply a very complicated and interesting cultural text. They have all this information as well (considering I got it from them), and the fact that they maintain their position in the face of it just shows that this is all dogma and not evidence-based science.

Although this conclusion is hardly news. Especially to this crowd.

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