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Comment #189187 by Steve Zara

I do feel an increasing need to get away from the same old arguments.

Especially when those argument show no sign of being resolved and simply further entrench the major protagonists further into their polarised views. I can see no meeting place between atheism and theism. As much as I would wish it was possible for the two positions to meet somewhere, it cannot happen for me to remain intellectually honest.

Exploration, truth and evidence based discussion is not within the remit of the theist and whoever suggested that most people are cultural makes sense to me.

Pathfinder's refreshing personal honesty shows me that it is not the soundness of the atheist position that is threatening, but the fragility of the theist belief system which needs to be loudly and constantly re-iterated, as if still clinging on to childhood fantasies.

Ah well, back to work.

Nice to hear from you Steve.

Fri, 06 Jun 2008 05:36:00 UTC | #179870