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Comment #189483 by m-man on June 6, 2008 at 10:45 am
It doesn't seem to me that male circumcision is equivalent to female circumcision, because it seems like from an anatomy point of view, that the foreskin is just an evolutionary leftover

No it has important functions like:
Keeping the glans moist, protecting the developing penis in utero, or to enhance sexual pleasure due to the presence of nerve receptors

The reason many people think that foreskin is useless is because they were deprived of it due to religious reasons at a very young age and have no understanding of its importance.

As usual religious people try to find reasons for why it is beneficial (circumcision)
Something similar to finding reasons for why wine or chocolate is good for you; you are going to eat/drink/cut it anyway, so as well feel good about it.

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