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Once again some christian shows their complete lack of understanding of the Universe, assuming that is some how complete planned out and structured like a building, instead of loosely structured and full of cosmic anomalies and irregularities. As well, he once again misses the ultimate problem. If it is structured like he says, that in no way gets you closer to the divine creator. It isn't "big bang or god". That isn't the way it works. Even if logically there absolutely must be a creator, you are still obligated to prove the existence of said creator and prove that said creator is indeed divine. Could we not be in someone else's petri dish? And just because you think you found a flaw in one natural explanation, that doesn't exclude all other possible natural explanations.

And then comes the good stuff. How many creators? What is the nature of the creators? Why not an entire group of creators? See, what these people are trying to get to is admittance of the existence of their god. Which their argument still doesn't do.

Mon, 09 Jun 2008 08:21:00 UTC | #181066