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I was terrified by extreme tales of pain, hellfire, damnation etc as a child at school (an American school). They worried me greatly at the time, and yes, I believe they ARE abusive. However, in my case it hastened my conversion - the severity of the punishments were just totally crazily wrong for pretty much anything a normal 8-year old could get up to. So I realised that it was all bull - helped by having 100% athiest parents of course!

But I also think that it is the wrong place to start, trying to involve the government. More dubious laws to go with the severe restrictions on privacy and liberty that the UK already suffers? I'm not entirely convinced that it's the right point of attack.

Although I DO believe this issue should be publicised and debated openly, far and wide, because mental cruelty is as bad, if not worse, than physical.

I even took my 4-year old daughter out of a school here in South Africa because she came home scared of the devil, and had difficulty sleeping etc. So I've seen the effect it can have - on me, and on my daughter. But to turn to the government? Not sure.

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 11:05:00 UTC | #182077