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Good points here, both for and against. You could argue that the parents want their children to be aware of Hell. They honestly deeply believe that they will go to Hell, as they were taught to believe the same by their parents and religious leaders, and would do everything they can to prevent such a horror come to their beloved child.

However, I was bought up with the threat of Hell from our local preacher, and although I recognized it as utter cods wallop from a bullying and nasty proselytizer, I saw the effects on some of my friends, who were genuinely traumatized.

There was also an appalling TV program recently showing a Jesus camp in America, where very young children were put through a disgusting evangelical boot camp where adults gloried in terrifying the poor kids by leaving them in no doubt they were going to Hell unless they believed God loved them. All carrot and stick, in a vulgar, sick and very effective propaganda campaign. That these children were crying and petrified meant nothing to the adults who were only concerned about recruitment, in a vile campaign the Nazi's would be proud of.

So, yes, I have signed the petition. Not that I think government legislation will come of it, but that hopefully the meme of threatening children with Hellfire will be regarded as repugnant and unacceptable by all responsible adults. If it raises the Zeitgeist, all well and good.

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 15:39:00 UTC | #182178