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Wodecki, it's the presentation, the key omissions that drive my bloodpressure up:

Just 11 years after she arrived in the Netherlands from Africa, she rode into parliament on a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment, only to leave again last year, this time for America, after an uproar over lies she had told to obtain asylum.

Pay attention to these word: "rode into parliment on a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment"? Okay, first of all, I think we can all guess what kind of immigrant people were worried about.

Here is the real story:
Ayaan Hirsi Ali was elected to parliment because of her work attempting to secure the rights of Muslim women, and opposing such practices as forced marriage, who had previously been ignored, only to be chased out because she lied about her last name in order to escape a forced marriage herself

The implication behind that drivel the Economist is that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a base opportunist, exploiting ignorant fears about 'immigrants', whereas what she really is is one of the bravest and most principled women of our time.

Even the title of her new autobiography reflects her talent for reinvention. In the Netherlands, where Ms Hirsi Ali got her start campaigning against the oppression of Muslim women, the book has been published under the title "My Freedom". But in Britain and in America, where she now has a fellowship at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, it is called "Infidel".

'Her capacity for reinvention'? This makes Ayaan appear like some showbiz celebrity. And what exactly is wrong with the book having different names in different languages? The CAged Virgin in Germany is called I will bring accusation (bear with me; German's a bit hard to translate), so how is this relevant?

This is a masterpiece of smearing.

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