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Joining the Hitler Youth was a choice was it not?

It was definitely not the free choice of the child - and the social pressure on those who did not enlist their children into the Hitler Youth (not to mention on the children - being a social outcast in Nazi-Germany definitely wasn't easy. The first to be sent to the concentration camps were the socialists, not the Jews. They came later) was so enormous that I don't blame the "ordinary" parents either.

If he was "indoctrinated" in the HY, maybe he learned alot about indoctrination of the young there. Makes him a good pope, I suppose.

If you want to be really historically correct and use the abbreviation, it would be "HJ"... but that doesn't matter.

Anyway, I think having witnessed such indoctrination made him a far better priest and preacher than a pope. The pope rarely has to indoctrinate people - the lower levels do that mostly, those in direct contact with the congregation. But I think his knowledge of rhetoric, his proficiency in argumentation, his being an intellectual and his knowing about indoctrination certainly helped him "ascend" through the ranks.

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