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The Wedge ... addresses the need to replace a "materialistic worldview"

Going one step farther back: why do IDers and the Discovery Institute care about the threat of "materialism"? The key point is that the ID movement is obviously an evangelical Christian movement, which is obviously inextricably entangled with conservative American politics. (Thus, they are also anti-environmentalism, climate change deniers, anti-abortion, etc). More and more, it's clear that the anti-evolution movement is not about science, but about politics and economics. As usual in the US, it all comes down to power and $$. When the DI says "materialist" what they really mean is "liberal."

It's very similar to medieval Catholicism -- anybody ever read a history of the papacy? Do most Popes really believe or even care what they are saying? No, it's all about retaining economic power by exploiting the habits and ignorance of the masses. I'd say there's a dissertation for somebody who can draw the clear parallels between that history of corruption and debauchery and modern American televangelists.

By the way, Ken Miller is a really great spokesman: so articulate and confident. The power of compartmentalization is really something to behold.

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