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Yes, when I was in high-school (I lived in San Diego), the only exposure to other atheists that I had was the Madelyn Murray O'Hair, American Atheists show, and it was short, not associated with science, per se, and unprofessional.

I really enjoy these atheist/science blogs... So, I am happy to see it flourish.

One aspect that I slightly dislike is the way that atheist blogs tend to be so politically dogmatic. I always end up having political arguments rather than discussing science or atheism. I wish these blogs would be as open politically as they are in terms of science.

The other thing I dislike about blogs is that the discussions are very chaotic. You make a statement and there are so many other conversations going on that you generally don't get your voice heard unless you join somebody else's discussion. Also, people misinterpret very easily because they cannot possible read all entries and so miss points that were made in the past.

There is room for improvement in the format of this blog. If, rather than text only discussions, we would start using YouTube video short clips, it might make for more interesting discussions.

That being said, I'm still very happy about this era of blogs on the internet!

Sat, 21 Jun 2008 02:05:00 UTC | #187130