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If we are going to be effective we need to do more than just "blogging our frustrations away", that is, unless we are sure that our blogging in a way that has an effect. Blogging alone is not action. For those without the huge audience of PZ Myers it can be equivalent to a conversation between friends in a pub. One puts the world to rights over a beer, but nothing changes.

Steve, I agree with you. But, then this begs the question, why do we continue this way? You're probably the most prolific blogger on this site? Is there anybody who has posted more?

What would be a good alternative activity in your opinion?

I have to say, that conversations on this blog have (as of yet) not led me to one concrete action... so I am 100% guilty of the beer hall atheism... perhaps I need to change my avatar ;-)
...Now there's something concrete to talk about when people tell me to get off my high horse ;-)

Now that I think about it more... I think the thing that really attracts me to this site are all the video/audio postings of professionals that are way better than what used to be available in the general media.

I believe these blogs are good for sharing information and developing ideas. That is how I use this one.

Barry, I agree here, also, but the chaos does tend to make the sharing and developing of ideas very laborious and difficult. I recently started using those other forum blogs, and they tend to be less chaotic than these feature article discussion threads.

Would you concur with that? In other words, are the forum threads more constructive? Or is that just beginners luck?

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