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Steve, I agree with you. But, then this begs the question, why do we continue this way? You're probably the most prolific blogger on this site? Is there anybody who has posted more?

I am nowhere near the volume of others, such as Al-rawandi in full flow.

Also, I would not call this blogging myself. Blogging is when I post on my own site (sorry to be pedantic).

I continue here to rehearse tactics, to exchange ideas. I have learned a lot, and it has been useful. I have publicly (albeit in writing) debated theists elsewhere, and I believe those debates have been successful, because of what I have learned here. This site is also visible. People have come here to try and show that they can "deal" with us "militant atheists", and the consequent interactions here are followed by many, I am sure. There have been important discussions and demonstrations of tactics by epeeist and Brian English recently.

This is where we can "spar" in public and if we do so carefully, we may have an impact.

Sat, 21 Jun 2008 03:14:00 UTC | #187139