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But, then this begs the question, why do we continue this way? You're probably the most prolific blogger on this site? Is there anybody who has posted more?
Dunno about Steve, but I find it cathartic. Otherwise the students I work with would have to put up with my ranting against the sheer fuckwittery of life that's been addled by superstition and idiocy. I write because I have to tell people how fucking wrong they are and that I can't believe grown people can be so fucking stupid. And hopefully, fingers crossed, there's someone somewhere that might, just might, read my diatribe or even my fairly well researched answer to a question and think, actually think, that maybe they are wrong and that maybe, just maybe, there's something other than some god or fairytale that has real meaning in life.
And, as Steve said, one learns so much, not just about life, the universe and everything, but on how to talk to those that are....damn, what can I say...people that I cannot comprehend, people that I cannot see getting through a day never mind a whole lifetime. I can, here, talk to people who are in my mind more intelligent than any I could ever hope to meet and people who really should have been institutionalised for their extreme lack of intelligence.
This site is a drug. I'm hooked.

Sat, 21 Jun 2008 03:33:00 UTC | #187149