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cool - I love Point of Inquiry too - I listen to it every week - and of course PZ - I want to subscribe to both their magazines lol -

One Point of Inquiry show made me mad tho - it was the one where Chris Hedges talked about his new book "I Don't Believe in Atheists"- First he came out with a pretty good book criticizing religion and then his second book (just for the sake of controversy IMO) criticized alot of the "new atheists"-

I don't know about you, but my favorite writers, bloggers,etc are the ones that totally FLAME religion harshly - those weak, mild, moderate atheist are bla to me. I like how PZ says "I'm pushing at the edges- speaking out for people who havn't really had a voice in America for a long time" he "sqwaks loudly" lol - and he really has made me appreciate cephalopods lol

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