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I don't know about you, but my favorite writers, bloggers,etc are the ones that totally FLAME religion harshly - those weak, mild, moderate atheist are bla to me.

Define moderate atheist.

I consider myself a full-fledged hardcore atheist, but I don't like to FLAME anybody, unless they FLAME me first.

You know in the Selfish Gene, RD talks about Tit-for-Tat strategy and nice strategies. I'm a Tit-for-Tatest (or maybe a 2 Tits for Tat) kind of guy. So, if a religious nut case will talk with me reasonably, I won't immediately jump down his throat and threaten to call the insanity ward to come pick up an escaped prisoner... I'd rather use the power of persuasion in a non-flaming way.

If that doesn't help, then it's almost better to just avoid discussing altogether. No point duking it out with insults. You might as well challenge them to a duel, or at least a boxing match... it'd probably be more productive (unless you are going up against Mike Tyson... I'm sure he's a religious nutcase by now).

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