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And still, as RD would point out, it has never occurred to the religionists to ponder,

"Yes! The universe may indeed be stranger, more fascinating, and more wonderful than our Prophets indicated!"

The universe of the Holy Books is indeed only Earth-sized. Without science, we never could have speculated the nature of the universe at scales encompassing hundreds of millions of light years.

The breadth of our scientific knowledge, and capacity to learn more, staggers me already, and I'm so grateful that a visionary few exist who are willful enough in their curiosity to continue to attack the gaps of our understanding.

We should be clapping and cheering them on, if we can't participate. I'm reading "Unweaving the Rainbow" presently (Of course it comes recommended here!), and Dawkins makes an analogy to music, between practioners and listeners, listeners who can still appreciate the work of musicians and even be connoisseurs of their art.

How I appreciate the work of scientists!

I guess all that Dawkins et al, and we, can do is continue to prod them with the thought about religious insufficiency of information.

Wed, 25 Jun 2008 13:23:00 UTC | #189295