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More than a decade ago, Sylos Labini and Pietronero wagered a bet with physicist Marc Davis of the University of California, Berkeley, US. The bet, refereed by Turok, held that if the galaxy distribution turned out to be fractal beyond scales of approximately 50 million light years, Davis would owe Sylos Labini and Pietronero a case of California wine.

Should the fractal pattern begin to disintegrate at scales less than 50 million light years, Davis would receive a case of Italian wine -- which some would say is a better deal. Turok has yet to declare a winner.

This is what I like about scientists. Whenever there is a difference of opinion, they have a wager with each other as to who is right and the loser forfeits something.

Whereas fundamentalists go ape and threaten you with: "I KEEL U!"

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