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Talking about t-shirts - I need one that says

"~4 billion years of survival of the fittest - and I'm alive!"

On a more serious note - is there no way to very precisely clarify what controversies may be taught? Becauseif only scientifically valid controversies fell under a bill, it should be very well possible to throw out ID and creationism. ...nor can anyone really argue against the condition that such "controversies" should only include scientifically sound and valid points - and there'd still be an "open mind" in the classroom. In practice, there wouldn't be much to say, especially in the limited time of the classroom. I'm just wondering whether politically "yes, allow them to teach scientifically valid controversies" would be a better idea (or whether it would actually make it harder to keep creationism out of the classroom).

Fri, 27 Jun 2008 00:02:00 UTC | #190063