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This interview with PZ is definitely worth the time. It is rare and refreshing when a scientist will criticize other scientists who want to soft-pedal the incompatibility of science with religion. AAS, and especially NCSE, do serve a political agenda. While I agree with PZ that it may be a necessary (though hypocritical and thoroughly distasteful) job, we and they must be clear that they do so at the expense and peril of science. Matt Nisbet (who is a social scientist, so may know a lot about "framing" issues for propoganda purposes, but next to nothing about real science and intellectual integrity) may think that PZ and Richard are rejecting the "best scientific approach" to "effective communication". But what does it help when what you are communicating is the nonsense of "god-guided" evolution?

PZ says that in the long run, he hopes that people will learn that it is "OK to disagree with established religion." I would also hope that they will learn that it is OK to disagree with those established scientific institutions that are trying to build a cozy detente with religion. They are, in my opinion, promoting an incoherent popular view of science that will ill-equip the public to deal with reality. How can they be expected to accept or comprehend the science of the future, as a better understanding of the natural origins of life, of intelligence and mind, along with the development of machine intelligence, will make it increasingly difficult to entertain the fantasy that a non-evolved non-natural intelligence would be required to guide the evolution that obviously has happened and is happening here on earth?

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