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I actually feel awkward and stand in disbelief as I witness bronze age things, beliefs, dealing with 21st century issues.
It's so outlandish to me to see a mentality that belongs to the minds of cavern actually contribute. To be participating in the 21st Century. It's like an anomaly, to actually see something like Jesus and Sin, together with Extraterrestrial life and highly advanced techonlgies and Sscience.
And having it being listened to because it's talking about a Jesus character and sin and goes on with thought experiments that have awkwardly established themselves as "important thinking".

I literally feel disturbed.

I only say one thing. Once we establish some extraterrestrial colony, don't allow religion to be spouted about.
We have a chance of getting a new start, without religion, and with the benefit of modern scientific knowledge.
Don't let religion be at those places, or it'll ruin mankind for another 2000 years.
It's Religion and Nationalism that annoy me when it comes to space exploration and the expansion of human colonies. I'm tired of people having stupid boundaries and taking that mentality to the Moon or Mars. It's stupid and highly antiquated. We can do better than that. Screw the flags and the territories.
We're all humans. If you need a flag, have one with a man and a woman. Or the letter H(for human).

But keep these needless ancient mentalities out of people's(of the future) lives.

Sun, 29 Jun 2008 15:49:00 UTC | #191314