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Oh my giddy aunt...he's waxing lyrical at the climax.
Or is that polishing his.......

It is no cause for pride if Earth should turn out to be the only world where the Incarnation took place. God often selects the younger son, the poor fisherman, the tax-collector, the harlot and the sinner, the weakest and humblest things in the world to do his almighty work. Earth may have been selected because she is the lowest world in the galaxy, the cosmic equivalent of a stinking stable.

In any case, imagining that God selected a lowly stable for His cradle is no harder and no different than imagining God selected a lowly world for His cradle; the difference is only in the magnitude of what one's imagination can grasp.

Indeed, the larger and older the cosmos seems to get as modern science tells us more of its weird secrets, the larger and grander must, to the Christian imagination, seem the maker of all this glory.

...cosmic equivalent of a stinking stable?
Na, Im sure he thinks its his....
....magnitude of what one's imagination can grasp.
Althought it might be his...
...maker of all this glory.

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