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#201615 by DanDare: No don't merge method of thinking and source of information, they make very good dimensions. Would you add lateral thinking to the thinking dimension please.

I think there is another dimension too, similar to co existance, to do with moral reasoning. It would have something like "evolving (progressive?), open, enabling, rewarding" vs "static, given, prohibitive, punishing"
I'll add lateral thinking. I think I too prefer separation between method of thinking and source of information.

I'm not sure whether "moral reasoning" is an extra dimension, or a consequence (an emergent property?) of the existing dimensions. (Just as "science" isn't a separate dimenstion, but a consequence of "method of thinking and source of information"). Perhaps I need to reconsider the "Rights and duties" part - perhaps Human Rights are a consequence of "moral reasoning", not a dimension? And perhaps the "reasoning" part is provided by "method of thinking and source of information"? (I wonder if "attitude to others" is a better dimension, and "coexistence" and "moral reasoning" are consequences? After all, if you don't consider some others even to be human, your reasoning may not lead to human rights. Or ape rights, which I think I'll introduce).

Aaaaarrggh! It is hard to separate them into largely-independent dimensions! And, based on the way I used to designed complicated computer systems, it is a good idea not to have more dimensions than strictly necessary.

But I'll cover "moral reasoning" somehow. Thanks. The page will appear here (just notes at the moment, probably to be updated daily) before August 2008:

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