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#16 Roger Stanyard:

'Organisations such as the Christiann Coaltion, the Moral Majority, Focus on the Family, the National Association of Evangelicals, Truth in Science and the Discovery Institute are deeply political organisations."

Precisely! The actual substance of the evolution debate is almost irrelevant. The "god question" was solved centuries ago -- what remains is a tactical/strategic/PR battle. And the pro-science crowd isn't winning, at least here in the US.

As I said in another post, the ID movement is inextricably entangled with conservative American politics. Thus, they are also anti-environmentalism, anti-abortion, anti-gay, climate change deniers, etc.

When the Discovery Institute rants about "materialism" what they really mean is "liberalism." This is why they are so persistent and attract so much funding. It's all about propagating the right-wing agenda (which ultimately comes down to protecting their economic interests). Whether or not they actually believe what they say about god/evolution is a mystery.

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