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Believe it or not, I really did not realise just how fantastically almost non-propitiatory, non-appeasing and non-ingratiating PZ was about the whole NOMA idea until I heard his huge struggles to make his position take on some sense in this interview.

For what I heard was a man committed - by his lukewarm support of NCSE's Eugenie Scott, by his reaction to NAS's wishy-washy bollocks of 'have your science and eat god too', and by his endorsement of his own free-speaking site - to both saying you have to compromise in public, and at the same time saying that in private (on Pharyngula) he can say what the fuck he really thinks, and never compromise. What a fucking struggle indeed.

It is surely his blog that grants the true reflection of his thoughts, while the rest he offers in public is necessarily a dishonest approach to the relationship between science and religion. He seems to be all too aware of it, while castigating that very phenomenon himself in others.

'Shrill, militant and atheistic' are the adjectives he chooses to depict himself here; but I think he needs to go one step further - and he seems, from this interview, to be pulling back from it - to stating categorically that NOMA is a shit idea, that it is prolonging contact, chez theists, with a scientific evaluation of their beliefs, and that it is thereby prolonging the war reason must wage against superstitious supernaturalism the world over.

On the basis of this interview, he's close to saying it. I wish he would just get it out in the fucking open. He is, far more than most atheists, on precisely the right track here.

But he needs to draw a non-appeasing line, once and for all, between his blog - where he says what he really means - and his more public, currently self-confessed intellectually dishonest profferings. By so doing, that line can disappear for good.


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