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....arguing instead that there is a direct link between science education and religious skepticism.

Well! What a surprise! The more people find out about the world, the less they are inclined to invoke spirits or gods. The good Christian geologists who went searching for the evidence of Noah's flood, found instead evidence of lots of floods and sedimentation over millions of years. Similar discoveries in the other sciences showed that the Earth and life was in fact much, much older than what the Bible had said, even allowing for every day to be 1000 years. The observable facts conflicted with the stated religion. Like wily politicians, the Christians theologians proved "flexible". The talking snake didn't really talk, it was metaphor. The sun didn't really stand still for a day, it was a metaphor. The universe wasn't really created in 6 days, it was a metaphor. As to why an omnipotent God would have to rest on the 7th day must remain a theological mystery. Where were His powers to be replenished from?

No wonder people who study the real world, including scientists, find less and less room for supernatural explanations.

Tue, 01 Jul 2008 12:41:00 UTC | #192250