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← Muslims outraged at police advert featuring cute puppy sitting in policeman's hat

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Ritually unclean?
In what times do we live in??????
I think I'm not alone in thinking that the only reply to this is the middle finger.
I saw the picture and I just laughed.
These people get offended by everything. ANYTHING!!!!

I just hope Europe and other civilized places around the world don't bent over backwards to take this sort of crap from these people. I hope we don't bend backwards so much that we'll lose our spines.
They're the ones who need to bend over backward. Grow a thicker skin.

This sort of "outrage" really annoys me.
And it annoys me that the police would "not do it" if they knew it would offend.
No! Do it anyway. You're free to do it. It's not going to be a group of "outraged muslims" saying that dogs are "ritually unclean" that should stop you. You should wave at them and keep doing it.
"Feelings hurt" is not an argument. Get over it.

It just seems insane that hundreds of years spent acquiring the freedoms we have today can be thrown aside in a single day, or hour, because of people who come from the outside, just dislike the things they see.

It's like spending hours decorating a house, to the point of reaching rococo, and then one of these people comes in and simply says "I'm offended by that and that and that and that and that. If those things are there I will not feel comfortable in this environment (Because I've read a book and I believe it was written by the actual creator of the universe)."
And of course the police force behaved like a maid: "Yes, sir, certainly sir, that will be removed right away sir. Yes, sir."

Instead of that I'd look at them and punch them for their arrogance. As they lay on the ground I'd say: "I'm not serving you. You're my guest. If you don't like it, keep it to yourself. Nobody ever told you to have your stability of mind depend on trivial matters. I pity you if you did."

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