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← Muslims outraged at police advert featuring cute puppy sitting in policeman's hat

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My email to

It came as no surprise to learn that a Muslim (Mohammed Asif) invoked the magic word--offense, over the puppy image used in the recent campaign.

What was surprising, and very disappointing, was that the Tayside police force apologised for the image.

By capitulating to those who complaint the loudest, over something as innocuous as this advert, you have sent a clear message to the nastiest parts of Islam that they can continue to demand special treatment in the UK, safe in the knowledge that the UK authorities will spinelessly tiptoe around them for fear of causing offense, and perhaps triggering violence.

It's not difficult to see that this approach is the surest way to keep the claimed 'outrages' flowing. Your approach ensures that claiming outrage is incredibly effective. It works so well in fact, that if you want to censor media in the public domain because they don't conform to an arbitrary set of rules from your favourite ancient text, you don't even have to claim outrage yourself--a 'diversity advisor' will preemptively do it for you.

These kinds of small surrenders set precedents that cumulatively work to erode the UK's capacity to stand up to those Muslims who feel as though they are entitled to special treatment. And while this kind of policy continues, their number will grow.

If you continue to view claimed outrage as a legitimate reason to alter the way you deal with the public, then consider this note an expression of my outrage at the shortsightedness that prompted the apology over this image. I hope my outrage counts, but I fear that it might not because I'm not making a credible threat of violence, or speaking on behalf of those who are if they don't get their way.


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