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This seems absolutely silly, have we (on this site) gone mad? It seems to me, from the first sentence down to the last, this was a practical exercise on how Muslims prey to their man in the sky. This does not seem, in any way, to be some forced worship of Allah.

Perhaps, if the teacher said their disrespect for not participating was directed at their characters Muhammad or Allah, then I'd be more suspicious. I think something of that effect is quoted in the article, but seems to be from parents who made their own assumptions. The parents that are "absolutely furious." Realistically, this looks more like Christian parents experiencing massive Islamophobia, and are worried their dogmatic nonsense will be superseded by another.

It seems as if we (the atheist community) are becoming hyper sensitive about any issue surrounding anything that could possibly be deference to a religion. I am usually right behind you in every step, I'll fight day and night to keep mandated prayer out of schools, but not prayer demonstrations directly linked to RE.

Think about it, maybe the act of Muslim prayer (head on the ground, etc) will be an illustrative point on how subservient and childish that religion is. Maybe not, but it's definitly not doing any harm. This kind of hysteria is exactly what gets people like Monique Davis to create and spew her bigotry.

Sat, 05 Jul 2008 09:47:00 UTC | #194269