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For crying out loud Zara

When are you going to stop being a

Soft left
Let's wait and see
Nothing is simple
Not enough scientific evidence
Humanity can get along
It can't happen here


Never, I hope.

I will argue with passion against ideas, but I have faith. I have faith in people. Almost all people are decent, and compassionate, and reasonable, given a chance. The problem with religion is that it prevents criticism of those who aren't, and allows them a safe space to develop and propogate ideas.

Most people who identify as Christian are decent, so are most people who identify as Muslim.

Most people sign up to traditions and ideologies without bothering to investigate the details. A typical muslim may tick a box on a questionnaire that asks about Sharia law without having much idea what Sharia law is. They tick the box out of solidarity for a community.

This is why education is important - so people realise the implications of what they are signing up to in terms of traditions and religious beliefs.

Until that has been achieved, we should not condemn a whole group because of every report of what silly individuals do.

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