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← Landlords protest after pub swearing ban gets them sacked

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John Fleming, 44, and his wife Krista, 36, both devout Christians, decided that foul language was beyond the pale at the King's Head and started barring any customers who broke the rule.

Feckin' idiot cunts...banned? Fine! I'll drink elsewhere, you tits...
It was supposed to make for a nicer atmosphere but regulars disagreed and the pub emptied.

In VERY colourful language, I'd wager. George'd be proud. "Blue...OFF-colour..."
The couple denied the swearing ban had anything to do with their religion and added takings had plummeted because the pub had lost its Sky TV, a credit card machine and the brewery had given them an inconsistent drinks supply.


"She put a sign up outside saying no swearing," he said. "This pub in the last eight days has perked up 100 per cent. All of the old regulars are back.

Nothing to do with the shitfucking ban, eh? Do me a lemon then...right, I need a piss...

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