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Just give up already. Your country is fucked.

Possibly. Or this sort of law may be the best thing that's happened to science education since Sputnik.

Teaching ID side-by-side with evolution is a perfect way to educate students about what the scientific method is, the ubiquity of logical fallacies, the nature of human irrationality, and the varieties of magical thinking. Debunking ID is like shooting fish in a barrel, after all.

For the same reason, I would definitely also support teaching astrology alongside astronomy, geocentrism alongside heliocentrism, homeopathy alongside medicine, free energy alongside thermodynamics, etc. This could be a fun way for students to get something out of high school that they evidently don't now: critical thinking skills.

I say bring it on!

Wed, 09 Jul 2008 18:55:00 UTC | #196857