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Posted this, real name on the original, from the UK.... I confess, on reflection, 'well meaning' was probably giving them too much credit :)

Dear President Bruininks,

No doubt your inbox is currently filling up with a veritable plethora of emails both antagonistc toward and also in support of PZ Myers.

As well as promoting the biological sciences in an informative and charismatic way, PZ Myers maintains an open-minded discourse on religion, atheism and rational thought on his exceedingly popular and influential blog site.

Many of us would like to support him in the face of the current potentially damaging and certainly ludicrous criticism he faces as a result of a comical plea to obtain an item of some religious significance to one religious denomination. His notion stemmed from an impassioned critique of a topical and nonsensical event concerning one Webster Cook who smuggled a Eucharist cracker from a building.

I would like to add my concerns to the no doubt numerous voices backing and supporting PZ Myers in this matter. It is unbelievable that in modern society something of this magnitude could result from a sequence of events so farcical and inconsequential. I would hope that a university would distance itself from any thought of chastisement of one of its lecturers for the elucidation of their thoughts on a topical matter, and would protect their right to freedom of expression. I hope PZ Myers will be able to continue unhindered in his professional capacity to the university without impediment caused by the irrational hyperbole of no doubt well meaning, but misguided, religious zealots.


Fri, 11 Jul 2008 09:49:00 UTC | #198205