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I wrote a letter to the President of University of Minnesota last week, before I saw this post here on the RDF site.

My letter:

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Subject: Don't give in to religious "outrage"
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 15:35:53 -0500

Dear President Robert Bruininks,

I am a reader of the Pharyngula blog written by Professor PZ Myers. I have read about the Catholic League's attempts to interfere with the free speech rights of Professor Myers by inciting Catholics to write you to complain about things that Professor Myers has written in his blog. I urge you to disregard the so-called "outrage" over the blog posts on the subject of the "Eucharist" (the communion cracker deemed "holy" by Catholics). What is sacred to some is hilarious to others, and vice versa. For every Catholic who complains, there are two non-Catholics who find the entire matter to be a joke.

Please do not worry about the complaints from those who are easily offended by comments about a cracker. This whole thing is just silly.

Thank you,

... I signed with my real name.

I've been trying to read all the email and comments posted on Pharyngula but it's been tough trying to keep up!

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