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Yet I do not know a religious person among my friends and acquaintances who does deny that picture.....(The mystery that confronts us as we gaze upwards at the Milky Way) or who regards it as posing the remotest difficulty for his faith.

If this is really true, he needs to get out more. Or at least, read up on the subject on the internet.

The evangelical atheists are subliminally aware that their abdication in the face of science does not make the universe more intelligible, nor does it provide an alternative answer to our metaphysical enquiries. It simply brings enquiry to a stop.

Aaarrgghh. Atheists bring inquiry to a stop ? Does the man have his head on backasswards, or is he truly this deluded ? It is the goddidit brigade who bring rational inquiry to a halt. Atheists continue to ask questions, and explore, and test predictions. Let me think now. What sort of inquiry would atheists "bring to a stop" ?? How about "Why are thoughts ?" "Who is yellow ?" Clearmind, we need your input here.

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