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I tend to disagree with just about everything Scruton says. But this makes him a vital philosopher. Contrary opinions must be encouraged and engaged with. Scruton performs this function admirably (fox hunting anyone?). J.S. Mill described the importance of allowing 'unorthodox' views. It is as vital to heed Scruton's words as it is vital to point out that most of them are bullshit.

Do you remember the Four Horsemen discussion? Hitchens shocked Dawkins by asserting that he had no wish for the religious dialogue to disapear. I laughed out loud at Richard's astonishment. But thinking about, Hitchens was completely right. I would never have understood the strength of atheistic arguments if those that hold religious views were suddenly to evaporate. Similarly, I would never understand the theory of natural selection as well as I do now (albeit I remain no expert) if dissenting voices did not exist.

Long live Scruton and religious apologist bullshit!

Wed, 16 Jul 2008 09:06:00 UTC | #200895