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Religious apologists always site consciousness, and the awe that it produces, as a justification for a god. Why is consciousness denied to other life forms, why is it only given to humans? As more research emerges that religion is just another prescribed mental trait- possibly mammalian more than human-- of organizing the self in relationship to the other, in a simplistic, economic pattern, one that keeps it's organism insular and procreating, humans may have to face a lot of the biases that our consciousness have created that support religious beliefs and some scientific ones too. It is a self fulfillment strategy; "we humans are so special, there must be a god" that has kept us as top carnivore of the planet, and that is all. Science is always denounced for not creating awe or satisfying the needs of the inner consciousness in these apologies. These rebukes of atheism give religion more credit than it deserves.

Wed, 16 Jul 2008 10:25:00 UTC | #200977