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As for the existence of a planet in which the elements abound in the quantities observed on planet earth, such a thing is again to be explained by science â€" though the science of astrophysics rather than the science of biology. The existence of the earth is part of a great unfolding process, which may or may not have begun with a Big Bang, and which contains many mysteries that physicists explore with ever increasing astonishment. Astrophysics has raised as many questions as it has answered. But they are scientific questions, to be solved by discovering the laws of motion that govern the observable changes at every level of the physical world, from galaxy to supernova, and from black hole to quark. The mystery that confronts us as we gaze upwards at the Milky Way, knowing that the myriad stars responsible for that smear of light are merely stars of a single galaxy, the galaxy that contains us, and that beyond its boundaries a myriad other galaxies slowly turn in space, some dying, some emerging, all forever inaccessible to us â€" this mystery does not call for a religious response. For it is a mystery that results from our partial knowledge and which can be solved only by further knowledge of the same kind â€" the knowledge that we call science.

I paraphrase the above excerpt as evidence that the article is verbose trivia and tripe:

The quantities of elements on planet earth are explained by astrophysics rather than biology. Astonishingly, the earth possibly began with a big bang. The questions raised by astrophysics are solved by discovering the laws of motion that govern changes in galaxies, supernova, black holes and quarks. We are contained in the Milky Way galaxy, beyond which are other inaccessable galaxies, a fact not requiring a religious response. We can gain knowledge through science.

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