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I always try to comment about the article that I've read, so I'm glad that I can finally talk about Richard Dawkins.

I've always been an athiest, well at least since I could ask the question of why we're here. Throughout school, from roughly grade two onwards, I would try to convince people of the ridiculousness of believing in God. I must say that I often felt quite alone. Even when I found other atheists, they generally felt that religions deserve more respect than anything, even scientific inquiry. I often felt bad because I lost respect for people based on their beliefs. It was not until later that I realized that if someone believes something so massively stupid, then it should indeed be difficult to respect him or her.

And then I read 'The God Delusion.' Every argument Dawkins made resounded with perfection. He left no basic argument out of his book. I felt wholly satisfied because he had touched on everything that I wanted him to. Perhaps what was best was the realization that there are other intelligent and liberal people out there who find that religious people do not deserve respect for such ludicrous beliefs.

Richard Dawkins is awesome. I'm an 18-year-old man, and if I saw him I'd probably scream and then babble like a schoolgirl meeting her favourite pop-star... I don't think I'd ask for an autograph. I've never understood the importance of a signature. I would definitely take a picture if I had a camera though.

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