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"[edit] Is there a dog in the picture? By that dances with wolves looking statue? (It looks like he's holding a mini-sheep dog. Either that or a fat maltese) "

Its not fat, just fluffy.

"Richard Dawkins is that rare specimen, a public intellectual, a knight of the mind who goes into battle against the ignorance and foolhardiness of the populace. Unlike the French, who worship their public intellectuals, giving them pet names such as les intellos, and airing them regularly on serious television and in print, the British like to shove academics into a musty corner, or laugh at them. This was not always the case: the Victorians, with their public lectures and royal societies, gloried in debate and celebrated the thrills of fresh knowledge. The nearest we get to this now is celebrating the thrill of Germaine Greer walking out of Celebrity Big Brother."

Hoho, masterly slap down there of Germaine "I'm an intellectual you know" Greer and British TV.

Fri, 18 Jul 2008 23:38:00 UTC | #202821