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Apathy, you are being too nice to me. I am just an elephant with a semi-permanent bad headache and an attitude.

I got your point and it's well taken. There's even a whole genre dedicated to this nonsense, with a sprinkling of shoes and shopping. Chick Lit: how to read without learning anything. Not to say it isn't well written, of course. Some of it is superbly written, in the same way that a clever ad is superbly written (if you have a spare afternoon, pick up a Louise Bagshawe book and marvel at her craft).

What's interesting is how successful this meme is. It would be hard to put it all down to cultural manipulation. I've only got half way through this talk so far and haven't heard anything particularly original or compelling. The "we all" stuff gets a bit frustrating too. It seems wiser to consider the possibility that some people (like you) might respond to different stimuli.

Oh, and I'd recommend not running across Terminal 4. The police seem to be a bit trigger happy these days.

Mon, 21 Jul 2008 03:52:00 UTC | #203841