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Good interview,

glad to see Dawkins not holding his tongue after that nutter called saying "evolution is false because the particular myth my parents indoctrinated me into, tells me quite explicitly that we come from Adam (peace be upon him), so you are wrong!, hah take that"

... seriously and, peace be upon him?... it really bothers me when they add that line after everything.

I'm happy to see that the choice of verbal diarrhoea is starting to narrow... they do not come with new stuff that's for sure... and it helps that now we have short and water tight logic answers to most of the usual theist crap.

I must suggest thought that mr Dawkins could have added in there the tried and tested "who designed the designer??" it's a simple answer and it exposes the fallacy quite well.

I'm just guessing that quite a large % of the audience is too thick to understand the more winded answer of ... "for it to make any sense, a God, by definition, has to be more complex and more powerful than the universe that he is postulated to create, so it doesn't really solve anything to bring forth a supernatural intelligence as the answer to the big question, because a god just leads to an infinite regress"


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