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I'd like for R D to collaborate with his scientist, historian, theologian, psychiatry friends and colleges to strip all the redundancy away, and deliver short information rich responses which rebut each of these 'typical questions'. The evidence is there, they just don't seem to put it all into the rebuttal.
For example Q: Second world war! bleat bleat!
A: Hitler claimed to be Christian, Islam and Christianities history of Jewish relations etc etc.
Thats the trouble, we need factual, common sense, responses that circumvent their faith by appealing directly to their logic, reason. Then they will be left either: feeling like a puppet, defending the faith against their own rational judgment. Or attempting to reconcile the inconsistency in their position.
Give us the answers backed up by the evidence, in easy to digest sound bites, so they become effective memes! well known enough, that they become the first thing that crops to mind for the believers, even before they pose the questions!
They have their bible, We want our memes :)

Mon, 21 Jul 2008 17:39:00 UTC | #204280